Digitus CAT 5e SF-UTP patch cable, PVC AWG 26/7, length 1 m, color red

PODĽA KATEGÓRIE: Káble, adaptéry a konektory / Patch káble, konektory, zásuvky / Patch káble s konektormi / Cat 5e UTP / 1 m
PODĽA VÝROBCU: Digitus / Patch káble, panely, zásuvky / Patch káble / Patch kábel F/UTP, SF/UTP Cat5e / Dĺžka 1m
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Part No.: DK-1532-010/R  
EAN Kód: 4016032199816  

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CAT 5e SF-UTP patch cable, PVC AWG 26/7, length 1 m, color red


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Digitus CAT 5e SF-UTP patch cable, PVC AWG 26/7, length 1 m, color red

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CAT 5e SF-UTP patch cable, PVC AWG 26/7, length 1 m, color red

Best performance and link quality for your network.
The DIGITUS® Category 5e Class D patch cables are manufactured and tested to the ISO/IEC 11801 and DIN EN 50173
Category 5e specifications. They will guarantee the installed cabling system is compliant with the ISO & EN channel
specification requirements and will provide optimum performance levels of DIGITUS® Category 5e cabling. The
performance is tested up to 100 MHz inclusive performance characteristics such as near end cross talk (“NEXT”).
DIGITUS® patch cables are designed and produced to fulfill the highest requirements of various application areas in full
volume. Each cable is fitted with a molded boot which comes with kink protection and strain relief. Furthermore the boot is
equipped with a latch protection that prevents the latching lever against breaking.You can easily identify the Category 5e,
because of the transparent blue colored connector.
l  2x RJ45 (8P8C) connectors
l  Boots with kink protection, strain relief and latch protection
l  Length marking on boot
l  Category: CAT 5e
l  Shielding: SF-UTP, foil and braid shielding
l  Structure: 4 x 2 AWG 26/7, twisted pair
l  Color: red
l  Length: 1 m
l  Configuration: 1:1
l  Jacket: PVC
l  Packaging: DIGITUS Polybag
l  Assortment: Twisted Pair Patch Cables

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